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As an integrated media technology company, our focus is to provide a complete result oriented marketing experience for brands.

Our ecosystem covers content creation & smart distribution, social commence, social engagement, influencer marketing, display advertising, surveys and analytics.

We are one of the fastest growing media technology companies in Malaysia.

Our Services

Digital Marketing Activation
  • Digital marketing strategy and integrated solution.
  • Marketing analysis, technology and activation planning.
  • Advertising channels and content partners.
Social Commerce Integration
  • FB live sales strategy, sop implementation, real time engagement and content push.
  • Hosting, studio rental, payment transaction software.
Content Distribution
  • Content marketing and strategy, aggregate and amplify brand story.
  • Medium recommendation, multi-channels selection and engagement.
Technology Implementation
  • Agile tech project design and development.
  • Project planning management, integration and deployment.
  • Influencers data centre, inclusive of Facebook, Instagram and Youtube social data.
Influencer Marketing
  • KOL engagement, social discovery, and KOL management.
  • Influencer marketing strategy, social brand tracking & audit.
Content Production
  • Videography and photography content ideation and creation.
  • Short film director, digital series production and animation.

Our Partners Network

We help our clients to create stories that can travel through social spaces fast with massive page views and social reach through our content partners.

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