Our History

Founded in 2016, our core intention is to add value to advertisers when it comes to digital media.

With our strength in technology and a media-owner, we are able to deliver a more engaging brand story & engagement when it comes to media consumption.

Our Timeline

Aug, 2016

Launched 88razzi.com
A Lifestyle Chinese news portal

Sept, 2017

Launched Rileklah.com
A Travel Lifestyle news portal

Jul, 2018

Launched Komacinetwork.com
A micro-influencer marketing platform

Jan, 2020

Consolidated all platforms to provide a holistic digital media solution

Dec, 2020

Launched media tech solution to provide better engagement and value-creation approach

May, 2021

Partners with over 50 media publishers under our network

May, 2022

Part of True Digital Group

Our Team

Led by Chief Executive Officer, Benedict Wong and management team, Eric Kwan, Nicholas Ng and Andrew Lee.

AMN's core team consists of specialists from a diverse background in new digital media space, technology development and influencer marketing.

Ben Wong


Nicholas Ng


Eric Kwan


Shirley Tan

Account Director

Hanna Heng

Account Director

Faizal Fredley

Chief Editor

Yuri Yap

Chief Editor

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